Was worried when Mark's Auto became AutoMax, but Brian and the crew have proved to be outstanding. Recently, after a terrible experience with So Coast Subaru, Brian replaced driver's side window on my daughter's 2012 Forester that had been broken into on Christmas day. Brian and the group are extremely professional, efficient, and honest. They deliver exactly what they promise on time and at a very fair price. They did a great job in getting our older 2002 Toyota Camry (100K plus miles) in tip top shape for our other daughter. Switching all of our repair work to them, plus, the discounts from time to time!

5 Automax Service Center 12/31/2013

“I commute back and forth to Los Angeles for work and the guys at Automax do whatever it takes to fit me in when I need service. Most of the time I wait for my car to be finished and work on my laptop in their lounge. It’s a great place to get work done and most of the time they are finished with my car before I am finished with my work.”

5 Automax Service Center 12/5/2013

Great service! Treated me like family and had my car fixed in no time. Thank you again. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an affable staff and a quick fix!

5 Automax Service Center 11/24/2013

Wonderful establishment. Great service and fixed up my automobile very fast. Very reliable company and always are there to answer questions you have

5 Automax Service Center 11/24/2013

“I feel the need to write and say thanks to everyone at Automax. I’ve been a customer for a few years, mostly for my BMW’s maintenance needs. Last Friday was different. I went to start my car and it just wouldn’t start. On the 3rd attempt, it started, but a light came on telling me that something was wrong. I really didn’t have time for car trouble because I needed to pick up some friends at the airport and drive to San Diego for the weekend. I looked up and saw the Oil Change sticker in the windshield and called you. Greg had me drive it straight to Automax and told me he would check it out and call me with the news. He seemed very confident that his technician could fix it that day. I was given a ride to work and later he called me with the estimate. When I picked up my car it was running great. I had totally forgotten that they wash each car after the service, what a nice surprise. Everything worked out perfect! Thanks for thinking of everything Automax!”

5 Automax Service Center 9/28/2013

I don't normally post reviews but I know it's hard to come by an honest place to fix you car. I love Mark's automotive. They listen to your concerns and tell you exactly what is wrong and fix it. They will also tell you honestly what can wait and what can't wait if you don't have the money to fix something right away. Also most importantly! Your car doesn't not have anything else wrong with it after it has been in their shop. I recently took my car somewhere else for minor things (oil change, air conditioning service) and after getting my car back; I had problems with my transmission and my air compressor. This is an honest and trust worthy place. Definitely try Mark's automotive. I love Mark's automotive! xoxoxoxo

5 Automax Service Center 9/1/2011